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Tom Dwan Has ‘Biggest Loss Ever’ in Macau High-Stakes Money Game

By |février 19th, 2020|

Tom Dwan Has ‘Biggest Loss Ever’ in Macau High-Stakes Money Game

It wasn’t Dwan’s day that is best whenever he Tweeted he’d simply had his ‘biggest loss ever’ last week

In spite of how great a player, in spite of how experienced or savvy, it is very hard to beat another poker player who just has additional money than you shall likely ever see in your daily life. Very rich people typically don’t get that way by taking no chances or by not having any moxie, and now it would appear that Internet poker legend and uber high-stakes live cash player Tom Dwan has found that out of the way that is hard.

High Rolling Downward Trend

Dwan reported he left a cash game with all the unfortunate title of ‘Biggest Loser’ last week, and when we say ‘cash’ game we mean well into the vast amounts were being parlayed in the pots. For an extremely aggressive and ‘take no prisoners’ player like Dwan, swings are as inevitable as for someone who’s bipolar who left their meds in the home. Dwan himself reported via Tweet that their crash that is financial this represents his ‘biggest loss ever.’

‘In taiwan for the time that is 1st; perhaps Not leaving the airport tho. Maybe trip that is next. Had my loss that is biggest ever yesterday’ Dwan Tweeted from his verified account. Ouch.

Word from the legitimate online poker site put Dwan’s online (Full Tilt) wins at about $70K for the past week or so, so it is assumed the loss happened at cash games in Macau, as he just landed there a few days ahead of […]

Genting To Set Sail for Bimini Casino with Miami Residents on Board

By |février 18th, 2020|

Genting To Set Sail for Bimini Casino with Miami Residents on Board

The Genting Group may have didn’t bring a casino to Miami, but that hasn’t stopped them from making use of the local market. It would appear that if they can’t build a casino in the town, Genting wants to do the next best thing: bring the city to their nearest casino.

Looking for Port Agreement with Miami

That’s why Genting is seeking to access an understanding with Port Miami which will enable the company to run a cruise that is small from the slot. The ship, which would manage to carry significantly more than 1,500 passengers, would run from Miami to a casino that is new Bimini that Genting recently opened. The trip would take only about two hours, and would allow Genting to make use of a lucrative gambling market.

The move comes after Genting failed in a bid to open a casino in Miami it self. The business purchased the former headquarters associated with Miami Herald in 2011, hoping to create a casino regarding the site. However, anticipated changes to mention video gaming regulations did not materialize, meaning the casino task must be abandoned. Genting still plans on utilising the site to build a hotel and residential complex under the true name Resorts World Miami.

The contract between Genting and Miami may have Genting pay about $11 million to simply help refurbish Terminal H, which will then be utilised by the new ship. Over time, Genting will have that money reimbursed for them through […]