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Mr. Brueggemann: Oh, do you realy? I don’t. Laughs

By |août 29th, 2020|

Mr. Brueggemann: Oh, do you realy? I don’t. Laughs

Ms. Tippett: Yeah, and that book was loved by me. I did son’t correct it for you personally. But this, i do believe, ended up being from a single of one’s sermons. You had been dealing with the necessity for town to worry about injustice, or poverty and despair, is certainly not liberalism or socialism or welfare or radicalism. In the end, liberals and conservatives share those exact same biblical texts, appropriate? You stated it’s humanness that is simply genuine because of the Jesus for the Bible. Also circling back again to that connection, then, reframes what’s at risk right here.

Mr. Brueggemann: That’s right. I do believe, quite definitely, it is so hard to accomplish. Nevertheless the task is reframing in order for we could re-experience the social realities which can be appropriate right in front of us from a new angle.

Music: “Ending Title” by Steve Heitzeg

Ms. Tippett: following a break that is short more with Walter Brueggemann. You can always pay attention once again and hear the version that is unedited of discussion We have in the On Being podcast feed — now with special, periodic, bite-sized extras. Have it anywhere podcasts are observed.

I’m Krista Tippett, and also this is On Being. Today, the prophetic imagination of Walter Brueggemann. He could be among the world’s greatest living instructors about the prophets who both anchor the Hebrew Bible and also have transcended it in several places across history — a figure like Isaiah, whose words additionally echo in churches at Christmastime. […]