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RankingHero to greatly help BLUFF Europe to Innovate Its Poker Ranking System

By |février 7th, 2020|

RankingHero to greatly help BLUFF Europe to Innovate Its Poker Ranking System

RankingHero an on-line social poker operator, is now area of the European poker ranking system, because of its new partnership with BLUFF Europe. The operator will now work to improve the ranking system of BLUFF, which can be in a head-to-head competition with GPI Global Poker Index.

The France-based social poker operator is now looking after the management of the European magazine and will also be in charge of improving its ranking algorithms.

This deal that is new 1st for RankingHero of this magnitude. The poker that is european market presently has two major competitors GPI and BLUFF magazine. The poker ranking algorithm of BLUFF magazine is now improved, with modern features such as taking into account tournaments’ buy-in fees and rewarding players for both consistency and big scores with the help of RankingHero.

Michael Caselli of BLUFF Europe describes that the company has established its system that is ranking ago and despite its success, he states technologies have improved through the years plus the system should do similar in order to remain viable. He could be confident in RankingHero’s capacity to supply the required knowledge to stand one step ahead of GPI. He described the social poker database of RankingHero as ‘the most comprehensive around’.

The CCO of RankingHero additionally expressed his excitement for the partnership that is new. He said that BLUFF Europe has already established its ranks for years, and contains established a well-known and respected title on the list of European poker community. […]