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Emergency Contraceptive Pill

By |avril 1st, 2020|

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

The crisis Contraceptive Pill (ECP) is a kind of contraception you can use after non-safe sex. This site describes the way the ECP works and informs you how exactly to utilize it.

What’s the crisis Contraceptive Pill (ECP)?

The ECP is taken after unsafe sex to stop maternity.

It prevents or delays the production of a egg from your own ovaries before the sperm aren’t active within you any longer.

It stops the semen from fertilising an egg by changing the means the sperm moves within you.

It does not work after the egg happens to be fertilised.

It doesn’t damage you or even an embryo that is developing.

Whenever can we simply take the ECP?

The ECP is approved you need to take as much as 72 hours after intercourse (3 days). But also for many people it’s still effective as much as four times after intercourse.

exactly exactly How effective will it be?

This has a success price of 98% for everyone of normal fat whenever taken within four times of unsafe sex. […]