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It’s Maybe Not Easy Being Asian-American

By |octobre 15th, 2019|

It’s Maybe Not Easy Being Asian-American

The other day, in a piece for Asian Fortune News, advocates Sharon Choi, Francine Gorres and Tina Ngo argued that lots of young Asian-Americans constantly challenge with regards to bi-cultural identities, likely to stay glued to numerous sets of norms, none of which quite fit. В

« Giving our teenagers possibilities to generally share their social backgrounds and find out about the experiences and traditions of others is very important to youth being able to shape and comprehend their own identities, » they published.

The problem Choi et al raise can be an crucial one, particularly for a lot of very first or second-generation Asian-American millennials who feel they need to live as much as two different sets of objectives. From the one hand, we are motivated to embrace US culture and shed ties to the Asian history. […]